September 19, 2010

Pregnancy #3: Week 18

I will turn 19 weeks later this week.  Almost halfway through this pregnancy and this poor third child has not had much mention on this blog.

This has been a whirlwind of a pregnancy.  When I was pregnant with Asher the days couldn't go by fast enough.  I think I counted down to my due date by the hour.  Every single thought was consumed with the little life I was carrying and how my life would soon be affected by that little life.  With McKlayne, it seemed to go by much faster as I was chasing around my one year old.  Other than feeling so sick (in relation to my other two pregnancies) in the beginning, and having crazy cravings, and praying for this baby, it seems like I haven't had much time to even think about #3 or how they will fit into this crazy family.

With Asher, pregnancy was really just a license to eat.  I gained 50 lbs.  I know, people, it was ridiculous. (AND...because my husband loves me so much, he gained a sympathatic 40 lbs with I never weighed more than him...that was good news...even though I was way closer to 200 lbs than I ever want to be, Charlie still had a good 20-30 lbs on me.) Thankfully, we did lose it all.  With McKlayne I gained right at 30 lbs and still probably had about 5 lbs I could have lost.  How does that work? How did I easily lose 50 lbs and only 25 lbs the next?  Maybe I didn't work as hard because I knew I didn't have as much to lose? Who knows.

Anyway...cravings...with my first two pregnancies I thought that they were kind of a myth and a good excuse to eat (guilt free) whatever sounded good at the moment.  This pregnancy, has made me a believer of pregnancy cravings...I have experienced them something fierce--especially during my first trimester.  There were days when I would call Charlie and tell him if he didn't bring me home a certain food, then the safety of our family would be at risk.  I needed it or someone was going to get hurt.  One day I emailed him right before my lunch break telling him that I needed some cereal.  I probably hadn't bought a box of cereal in 7 months and all of a sudden, I was willing to take some drastic measures to get some.  Shortly after the email, he called me from the cereal aisle at Albertson's and asked me what I wanted.  Raisin Nut Bran. He came home with a couple boxes and a gallon of milk.  See...this pregnancy has made him a believer of pregnancy cravings, too.

And if you aren't yet sick of hearing about Chelsea on this blog (from the last couple posts) I am going to totally copy what she did with the remainder of my pregnancy.  (I think she is super cool...okay?) I thought it was such a cute way to document and truly treasure this sweet time in my life.  So, here goes...I will try to be consistent with this every Sunday/Monday but if you've been reading this blog long enough than you know that life just happens around here and sometimes we have to let without further ado:

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 18 weeks 

My baby is the size of a: Sweet Potato

Size: About 5.6 in., 6.7 oz.

Baby changes: Busy flexing its arms and legs. Blood vessels are visible through the thin skin, and ears are now in their final position, but they are still standing out from its head a bit. A protective covering of myelin is beginning to form around the nerves. 

Best Moment this week: McKlayne and I had an all girl day together this week.  We had plenty of time to cuddle, take each other in, giggle, read, play with baby dolls, and dress-up.  She is quickly growing up and becoming so prissy and proper...and sassy...maybe we've been hanging out too much?

Gender: Not finding out!  And so excited about it!

Movement: I have felt slight flutterings.

Food Craving: water with limes, chips and salsa, raw milk...yum!

What I miss: Easily finding something to wear.  I am still in the awkward stage of...I am too large to wear MOST of my regular pants/shorts (unless they're really stretchy denim like the ones in the picture...I will definitely being wearing those jeans a LOT post-baby, so get used to them)  but too small to wear exclusively maternity.  I wear a TON of (stretchy waisted) or cotton skirts right now.  And I've been living in the denim maternity shorts my sis gave me that have an adjustable waistband inside, just like my toddlers' clothes do! Ha! Most of my regular shirts are getting too short to wear and I just look more chubby in the middle than pregnant.  But...I am starting to look MORE preggo. Hallelujah! I do have  some tighter fitting Maternity shirts that are longer that are working for me right now.  Just an awkward stage to find a good variety of outfits.

Sleep: No trouble yet. The only trouble is I can't seem to get enough of it!  Char and I just completed Season 1 of House and have been staying up way too late watching it!

What I am looking forward to: Feeling this sweet babe move more and more.

Symptoms: Nothing really.  All the nausea is gone and I have that second trimester energy, so I've been feeling great!


So...I want to know...what did you crave during pregnancy?  Did you really experience cravings or were they just a good excuse to eat?


the groves said...

YAY! I am so glad you are doing this!! :) It is really fun to have to go back and look at the progression.

I totally understand about the cravings. I LOVED the lime and strawberry Dryer pops at the end of the pregnancy. Yum.

If you "need" something...feel free to call. I won't judge you. :) I would love to bring you anything your heart desires.

Angela said...

Gummy bears
Sonic cheese sticks
(Ava loves strawberries. Jarred says it is because I ate about 4,000 when I was pregnant with her! ha)

Love the belly shot! There is nothing cuter than a preggo belly!

The Lourceys said...

Oh I'm so glad for the updates! A friend and I are hosting a gender party this coming Friday so that post is very timely. ;)

For the first trimester I couldn't get enough red meat and eggs. I ate little else and actually lost 9lbs! Crazy. For the rest of my pregnancy my only other real craving was plain yogurt with granola and berries (normally blueberries). I can't even tell you how many times I ate this and mostly in the middle of the night.

Kirby said...
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Kirby said...

Emily, with Asher I all of a sudden became a red meat lover! Hamburgers and steaks (which I weren't too fond of before) were my new love...along with some other not so healthy things:)

Jennifer :) said...

Yay for a belly shot! :) I understand the cravings! I had never cared too much for chips and salsa, but oh my gosh I couldn't get enough of it when I was pregnant! There was also a huge craving for hot dogs in the third trimester, haha! They started serving them at church Sunday nights to raise money for the kids, and I told Jarrod I REALLY needed a hot dog. After I ate it, I remember thinking it was as delicious as I imagined it would be. ;)

The Rabe's said...

I had no cravings until the very end when I was a week over due and I wanted chips and salsa. I was with you about thinking it was all a myth and an excuse. My husband would not let me eat tons and made me take the stairs at church. I complained at the time but was WAY gratful once I had my son and had only gained 25 pounds instead of 50.

Kyle said...

Okay.... with Reid it was steak, bananas, and chocolate ice cream. Brownies really grossed me out during all of my pregnancies which is just wacko! With Stella, refried beans and cheese (for the first 3 months I was on a very strict diet of this) and walnuts. And with Nash, avacado on everything. Seriously

Oh! I almost forgot these pomegranate bars were a major factor in my weight gain with Stella. I'm pretty sure they're on the menu in heaven.

the herzogs said...

toward the end of pregnancy with both boys, i would go through about 2 gallons+ of milk a week just on my own. couldn't get enough of it, especially this past time because it's that insanely awesome raw milk :-)

The Currie Family said...

I just like to eat. period. pregnant or not!

You look great Kirb!! I am SO excited you guys are going to be surprised and I am feeling a girl vibe....we'll see!

Brandy said...

With Kelsey and Saylor I craved anything sweet! I guess it showed since they both weighted 9 lbs 6 oz!