September 30, 2010

Gig 'Em, Ags!

  Pop came in town a few weekends ago for an A&M game and took us with him!

McKlayne's favorite part was getting to go to the "pre-game party". If you've been in this town on gameday weekend, then you're familiar with the tent sales. (At one time...way back when I went to school...they used to sell $5 t-shirts. Somehow each year the prices have slowly increased.  Still good prices for A&M memorabilia but not quite $5.)  The weekend of the first game of the season, we drove by one of the tent sales and Asher said, "Look, Momma, it's a party!"  I asked him what they were doing at that party.  And he said, "They're giving people clothes!"  McKlayne immediately responded, "I want to go. I want to go to the party and get clothes."  Each time we have passed it since...they both talk about wanting to go to the party that gives you clothes.  So, Pop, who is a frequent "party go-er", took them and let them each pick out their own gameday attire.  Asher picked his jersey and McKlayne picked a pink t-shirt?  Who's surprised?  She walked right up to it and said, "I want that one."

This is how Asher spent most of the game telling me, "I can see big football players in here," as if those were the only way you could spot 'em.

He also liked swinging his towel around.  He was especially proud of himself, when he learned to tuck the towel in is pocket like "the college guys".

Asher & Reid.

The kids' favorite part of the game was seeing the cannon that is fired each time the Aggies score.  It was fired a lot that night.  Asher is still talking about how "it was so funny when the 'soldier' told them to run away fast" when they were down looking at the cannon when the Aggie's scored another touchdown.

Thanks for taking us to the game, Dad! We really enjoyed our day with you!

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