April 23, 2010

Friday Funnies: A new one and a repost

Disclaimer: This is never funny in the moment that your child is correcting you. 

But, I thought this was fitting since we were just talking about how edifying motherhood is in Her Hands last night:

One day, I was impatient and my tone of voice towards Asher was short and ugly.

A: Momma, you're talking ugly to me.

M: You're right. I'm sorry, Asher.

A: It's okay, I forgive you, Momma.   But, Momma...what does Matthew 22:39 say?

M: (Uh-oh...I wasn't getting out of this one...) And the second is like it:You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

A:  And was talking ugly to me like that, loving me, Momma?

M: No, Asher, it wasn't.  I am sorry for not loving you by talking ugly to you.  And I'm sorry for being a bad example to you, too. 

A: It's okay, Momma.  But I want you to love God by loving me...


And just so we all remember how "awesome" of a mom I can be (I don't want to pretend like I have it all together around here!) I am reposting this from this original Friday Funnies:

About a month or so ago, I had been having a bad day. I was irritable at the kids. Charlie. Everyone. It was a tense day in the Apel home. 

I was especially irritable at Asher. I had been impatient with him and my tone towards him had been ugly. I had to stop several times throughout the day to apologize to him for "speaking to him in an ugly way." Even after all that, I still hadn't learned. Right before dinner, I was short with Charlie when he asked me a question. Being the wise man that he is, Charlie asked me to pray before dinner (knowing that I needed to examine my heart before I could offer a prayer of thanks to God.) 

So I started, "Lord, I'm sorry that I've just been ugly to everyone today..." then I hear this tiny little, "Meeeeeeeee!!" I look at Asher and he has one of his hands up in the air as high as he could reach, while his head was still bowed reverently, eyes shut tight. I guess he thought God needed some help in figuring out who I had been ugly to that day. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this point...I think I did both.


The Allens said...

Kirby - I am not sure you even remember who I am. I was in Phi Lamb and we were in the same Excellent Wife Bible Study at Living Hope. Anyways, I have really enjoyed your blog! You are such a Godly Mom and your blog is very encouraging! Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord as a Wife & Mom. It has been encouraging for me to read! And, Im sorry, I hope this doesn't freak you out to get a comment from someone of the past that you dont talk to anymore! Anyways...this post is adorable! And shows that what you are doing with your children is truly making a difference!

Laura Stiller said...

Girl - I'm totally encouraged that Asher knows scripture so well! Can you write about a blog teaching kids scripture and applying? Thanks for being real!

Angela said...

Oh girl, I have had those days. I sure hope I teach Ava to quote back scripture to me one day. You guys are doing an awesome job! ;-)

John and Sarah said...

SHUT UP! That his hilarious. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that yall are training him to know scripture so well! What an encouragement to know that children are never too young to understand. LOVE IT!!!

mandi said...

i think we're supposed to be friends. just sayin'. it's kinda crazy we haven't met in person yet. i say we all meet at lynsey's and have some fun!

i love to volunteer lynsey's place!

oh- and this post is just precious. i love that he busted out scripture on you! my 3 year old just tells me "you're being sassy to me today, momma!"