April 29, 2010

Happy Golden Birthday, my Charlie!!

As I am praising the Lord for creating you 29 years ago, I am thankful for the many moments that you've invested in the three little lives that live in this home.  

Going along with the all things 29 on this golden day, here are 29 things (in no particular order) that we adore and are for thankful for about you:

#29 Moments like yesterday--when after several weeks of "doing nothing" but holding a sick baby, you tell me, "That's the most important thing you could be doing right now...I don't care that the cleaning has been neglected....you are doing exactly what I want you to be doing."  God continues to show me his goodness and grace through you, Char.  When I fail or think I am such a failure, you remind me of how loved I am--despite my faults.

#28 Moments of tireless sword fighting, chasing children in circles around the trampoline, and playing with little boys the way that only you are able.

#27 Moments that you lead this family to walk in faith through prayer as we ask the Lord for direction over what goals and priorities we should be living for.

#26 Moments that you lavish us with affection--from holding a child on your lap to rubbing your feet all over mine under the covers.

#25 Frequent moments that you tell your girls how precious and pretty we are to you.

#24 Moments of peace that you allow me each evening after dinner, as you give the kids their bath while I clean up the kitchen.  I notice just how thankful I am for these on the nights that you're absent. 

#23 Moments when you build forts...yours are always way better than mine...period.  Maybe that' why I don't have any pictures of your masterpieces. (Sorry you know how competitive I am.)

#22 Precious moments spent singing our princess "her song" before bedtime.

#21 Romantic, detailed moments of planning and preparation for at home dates or sweet surprises. I'm glad that you are the romantic for where I am weak, you are so gifted.

#20 Moments spent each evening following rigid nightly routines of flying children to bed, performing puppet shows and Rubber Ducky impersonations--so many things that only Daddy can do just right!

#19 Unforgettable moments that you spent last summer teaching Asher to swim...you're an expert swim coach.

#18 Selfless moments each morning when you retrieve McKlayne for her early feeding.

#17 Again, the selfless moments that you spend reading Asher & McKlayne books that I have deemed "Daddy books".

#16 Moments that you dish me (and all of our female friends) out "not too much" Blue Bell.  (Yes, this made the list...it is that important to me....and you do it perfectly--every time!) No picture needed...you know what I'm talking about.

#15 Moments when Asher's whole face lights up because you tell him how proud you are of him.

#14 Moments that you allow us to be included in your work because we love any moment that we can get with you....even though it usually takes longer than it would if you were working alone.

#13  Imaginative moments where you inspire creative play...and the fruit of those moments...sometimes I can't believe the stuff that comes out of Asher's mouth.

#12 Relaxing moments that we spend each Tuesday night watching our shows.  How I look forward to this every week!

#11 Faithful moments that you spend as my steadfast running partner...though, I'm not always thankful for that in the moment.

#10 Silly moments that you let me talk you into something absoultely ridiculous and you still participate with all your heart.

#9 Moments that you give me a break and cook up one of your specialties...love these...even if it is just scrambled eggs.

#8 Moments that you teach us-be it letters, the meanings of words, or the truth from God's Word.


#7  Moments upon moments spent working hard to make this house perfect for us.


#6 Moments when I am so exhausted from a day with the kids that you jump in enthusiastically to take over.

#5 Moments when you save the day (you always seem to know which days need saving) with my beloved lime water.

#4  Rebellious moments when you abandon the schedule and all the rules.

#3 Late moments in bed spent pillow-talking that go on and on...even after one of us has declared that it's "time to go to bed."  These are some of my favorite moments with you, my kindred spirit.

#2 Moments of discipleship that never really end because we're watching (and mimicking) every little thing you do.

#1 And all the moments that we try to give you some peace...

but come back for more.... 

because we just can't get enough moments full of you.

We love you.  Happy Golden Birthday, Charlie!


Hendrick Family said...

This was the most fun to read! Made me all teary eyed! We love you Charlie and love watching you love Kirby and those sweet babies.

And I especially love my Charlie-size blue bell portions.

What would we do without you?


sandi bruss said...

the most precious tribute ever. if ever someone wanted or needed a mentor for marriage, children, for being a follower of The Way or just "being"....it would be the two of you. i'm ever so grateful that you have been just that for emily. and truthfully, for me.
thank you for showing an 'old dog' that love and Love ~ reigns!
happy birthday to charlie!

Brettney and Key Bradley said...

This was so sweet and thoughtful! It made me teary eyed also, until I saw the picture of Asher pointing the gun to the Tahoe. I LOL-ed. Happy Birthday Charlie! You are a special guy!

Grace Family said...

Happy Birthday Charlie...

this made me cry, it was so well thought out! Praise God for the work you both do with those sweet babies. Miss you!

emily jane said...

y'all are my absolute favorite.

Angela said...

What an AWESOME post! Happy Late Birthday Charlie Barly!

Elizabeth said...

Happy belated, Charlie.

Beautiful words from a beautiful heart, Kirby. I'm so glad I have you to look up to.

mandi said...

Oh Kirby!
This is so sweet!

So glad you're my new friend : )